"Many pepople in our community owe their freedom and in some cases their lives to Larry Handfield."

Wrote David Ovalle, a Miami Herald Reporter on December 24, 2013.

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Criminal Attorney​

Attorney Referrals and collaboration

After 500 jury trials and winning over 90% of them Larry Handfield is known as one of the top criminal lawyer in the country and receives case referrals from all types of lawyers and law firms. 

We also collaborate with attorneys who want to stay more actively involved in the criminal case and litigation. 

Larry Handfield’s presence on a criminal case benefits clients by maximizing the outcome, in some case save their client life, and, benefits the lawyer who referred us the case. We take pride in our referral program and relationships and our ability to share a percentage of our attorney’s fees to those referring lawyers.

Larry Handfield recognizes the importance of referral lawyers to our firm. We not only believe, we know that referring attorneys epically in criminal cases are doing a great service to their clients by involving us in the representation.

Send inquiry to: referral@Larryhandfield.com