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LARRY HANDFIELD, Criminal Attorney

Having tried over 500 jury trials and won over 90% of them, Miami-based criminal defense attorney Larry R. Handfield, Esq. is the epitome of accomplishment. Because of his overwhelming jury verdict success rate, Handfield has been inducted as one of the “Top Trial Lawyers in the Nation.”

Atty. Handfield specializes in complex criminal defense cases and has become renowned for saving people from the death penalty and extensive jail time. Reporter David Ovalle wrote in The Miami Herald on December 24, 2013: “Many people in our community owe their freedom and in some cases their lives to Larry Handfield.”

But Atty. Handfield’s influence reaches beyond the South Florida community. He has represented clients all over the United States, served as both a state and federal prosecutor, and mastered his trade to the extent that other lawyers come to observe his courtroom skills. His demeanor garners respect from judges, prosecutors, and colleagues alike; and an extensive collection of commendations tells the story of Handfield’s career achievements.

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Atty. Handfield is also a firm proponent of community service. He has been appointed by three different governors to statewide commission posts including the Sentencing Guidelines Commission; the State of Florida Commission on Ethics; and the Judicial Nominating Commission for the Miami-Dade County Court System, where he served as chairman.

In his role as the first chairman of the City of Miami Police Oversight Board, Atty. Handfield investigated police misconduct. Additionally, he is a past chairman of the Public Health Trust, the entity that oversees the operation of Jackson Health System, the largest public hospital system in the nation. As the chairman of the Public Health Trust, Handfield oversaw an annual budget of $2.5 billion.

Atty. Handfield is a proud alumnus of Bethune-Cookman University, a historically black university in Daytona Beach, Florida, where two buildings—the music building and the athletic training center—have been named in his honor. His efforts have been recognized by President Bill Clinton, the United States Senate, and the United States House of Representatives.

When asked about his numerous and tireless contributions to the legal field and the community, Handfield often responds, “Service is the price we pay for the space we occupy on this earth.”

Larry Handfield, Esq. - ICABA Honors Philanthropist of the Year 2013

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